A farewell to “Criminal Minds”

Jill Anthony, A&E Editor

Criminal Minds, a crime show that has been on the air since 2005, sadly ended Feb. 19, 2020. Having been my favorite TV show for the better half of a decade (yes, I started watching the series at the ripe age of 9), naturally, I am pretty upset. That being said, I understand that all great things must come to an end. Here is one last tribute to the best crime solvers on American TV.

Criminal Minds is centered around the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, or the BAU for short. Each episode the BAU hunts for some of America’s most dangerous criminals, whether it’s an escaped arsonist or an infamous serial killer.  

What the Criminal Minds directors and producers did best over the 15 years of plot creation, and what I personally believe sets the series above other crime TV shows, is how deep the show goes into the personal lives of the BAU. We discover the ins and outs of family lives, mental disorders, and love interests. This makes watchers more engaged with not only the crime-solving but the day-to-day issues that occur outside of the workplace.

Looking back, Criminal Minds changed the way crime shows are written. While fans like myself are sad to see it go, we appreciate all that the show has done over its years of running. I have yet to find a crime show that balances humor, seriousness, joy, and sadness better than this show does.