Chilling Adventures of Sabrina confuses viewers with packed plot line

Amelia Carlson, News Editor

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has proved itself to be an engaging show full of dark magic and demonic monsters along with relatable teenage drama that audiences can relate with. The show revolves around the anti-hero Sabrina the teenage witch and how she balances her double life of being a high school student and the next heir to the throne of Hell.

The third season of the Netflix original starts off as Sabrina begins her ascension into her rightful position as the Queen of Hell, but after that the plot gets fuzzy. 

Every episode was packed with new crises and conflicts, making watching each part very overwhelming to focus and comprehend. As one episode will focus on a small conflict including a minor character and immediately switch over to a crucial plot point, it was hard to understand where the storyline was going. While the concept of incidents including Sabrina and other characters might’ve been exciting, the pacing of each episode and the conflicts within them failed to keep viewers interested and engaged.

One of the best things in the new season is how the writers expanded on Sabrina’s powerful background and how she embraced her family legacy. Sabrina was left with the question if she’ll follow in her father’s footsteps in becoming the Queen of Hell at the end of the previous season, and the newest season provided Sabrina many instances to setting her place in a patriarchal setting and proving that she’s a strong female lead. Creating an admirable character.

Recurring characters truly stood out for their performances and how they evolved their roles. Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sabrina, truly settled into her role this season and gave the audience more of the spunky personality of Shipka’s character that the audience was wanting. Sabrina’s two aunts, played by Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis, captured the essence of two drastically different caretakers coming together to make one powerful duo and take down anything and everyone who came their way, which made it very intriguing to watch.

Season 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina overall was what makes the show so unique and addicting to binge-watch, dark extravagances and numerous twists that keep the audience asking for more. While season three was truly all over the place, everything was tied back together in the end, leaving audiences on a huge cliffhanger. Season 4 can’t come soon enough.