Athlete of the month: Trygve Hansen


Madeline Schallmoser, Sports Editor

Junior midfielder Trygve Hansen has been kicking around a soccer ball since the age of 5. He’s dabbled in countless other sports but felt a special connection to one game in particular. 

“Soccer is my favorite sport to play as well as to watch because it’s not only a game of skill but a game of awareness,” Hansen said. 

He’s thankful for what the sport has given him beyond running sprints and winning games. Soccer has given Hansen people and experiences that he cherishes. 

“Soccer has allowed me to meet new people and travel to new places with my team,” Hansen said.  

Playing travel soccer for Roadrunners Soccer Club has allowed Hansen to develop his skills surrounded by the best competition there is. He feels proud to be a part of the team’s immense success with two consecutive qualifications for Nationals. 

“I’m terms of club, we have traveled all around the country, but the most memorable was to San Diego for nationals in 2018 because of the very competitive environment,” Hansen said.

Coming off a sophomore season wrapped with an all-conference selection, Hansen currently competes for DGN and looks to help the team in their coming playoff run. In the future, he hopes to take on a leadership role as a senior as well as compete at the collegiate level.