Humans of DGN: singer Patrick Ryan

Vanessa Kamman

Senior Patrick Ryan sets down his music sheet, mimicking the words of the song one last time. He pulls the microphone closer to him before singing his original song Love Me Alone. Ryan then uploads the song on Instagram, sharing it with his followers.

Ryan uses social media as an outlet to share his lifelong passion of making music, which he has been doing for as long as he can remember.

“I used to write songs all of the time when I was younger and just come up with a melody and write down the lyrics. However, I began teaching myself piano in my freshman year so I could have something to write to and I think that’s when I started writing seriously,” Ryan said.

Now, songwriting has cemented its place in Ryan’s life to express his emotions.

“When I write music there are a ton of things that inspire me. Most of the time a new song comes from something I’m feeling. If I’m in a bit of a funk or feeling a certain way about a situation, I usually go down to my piano in my studio, pick a chord progression, and let my feelings out into a song. The songs aren’t always great but it helps me to get out my feelings in a healthy way and some of the songs end up being really good and songs that I’m super proud of,” Ryan said.

Currently, Ryan’s original music is contained to short videos on Instagram, but he has plans to release music on other outlets as well.

“I am planning on releasing a single called “Love Me Alone” on March 22nd and that will hopefully be on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. I am also working on a collection of songs that I plan on releasing towards the end of this year,” Ryan said.

At school Ryan is a member of the Acapella Choir  as well as the ensemble with that choir, Chamber Choir.

“I love the program and the two periods truly are the best parts of my day and I think that the choir department is the truly the best part of the school because the teachers and the environment cannot be matched anywhere else. It is the best part of my day because of a combination of the teachers, my classmates, and just the overall vibe of the class. I enjoy it so much I actually have 2 periods a day that are all choir,” Ryan said.

Ryan plans to pursue a career in music after he graduates.

“My future plans do involve music. I am attending Pace University in NYC in the fall and will be studying Music Business there. I hope to become a talent manager or record label executive and release my own music on the side and see where it takes me,” Ryan said.

Ryan choose Pace University since it is located in New York, the heart of the music industry.