Avengers Endgame: A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Minor spoiler warning, Endgame is worth waiting for


Endgame is currently the second highest grossing film ever, right behind James Cameron’s Avatar


Sitting in the movie theater after seeing the ending of endgame the full force of nearly 11 years of planning, character development, writing and filming left me truly speechless. Despite not seeing much of the recent Marvel films and only having limited knowledge about the comics, coming back to see Infinity War and Endgame fit perfectly like a glove, or more appropriately, a gauntlet.

The opening of Endgame wallows in the tragedy Thanos has unleashed, giving us some of the best insight into the core characters of the MCU, showing what happens to Tony, Cap, Thor, and even Black Widow and Hawkeye when they are pushed to their wit’s end.

Endgame has its flaws, but for many none of them will matter because of both the immense storytelling but also the action and drama. Just like Star Wars has its problems, so too will Endgame but both will have undying fans including myself who see it as more than film. Endgame is an example of how amazing and powerful storytelling can be, and is a monument to human creativity.

I am sad that it is over but happy at the same time. This is a once in a generation experience because it is well beyond words to describe hearing “I am Iron Man” in the most pivotal scene and feeling myself rushing back to 2008 when I saw the stunning end of the film that started it all and made us beg for more.