Review: Game of Thrones — Season Eight, Episode Two (“A Knight of Seven Kingdoms”)

Sam Bull, Opinion Editor

While the second episode of Game of Thrones’s eighth season did not have much action, it was far richer in the relationships, intensity, and meaningful dialogue that truly define the show.

While many notable events occurred episode two, the most important seemed to be an intense scene where Jon finally told Daenerys about his true identity.

In sum, the entire episode was essentially Winterfell solemnly preparing for its supposed demise as the dead army slowly advanced through the North, but from that melancholy and silently terrified vibe from all characters came a new sense of togetherness beyond family ties that we have never seen before.

The unneeded Disney-like dialogue present in episode one was swapped out this week for nostalgic conversations between friends old and new, most notably Arya and the Hound drinking together all night, and Brienne, Tormund, Jaime, Tyrion and others quietly sitting around a fire listening to Pod sing a sad tune.

Something done extremely well was the true presentation of Jaime’s physical and personal shift from the golden-haired king-slayer with no regard for others all the way to a genuine person, shown by him righteously knighting Brienne for her bravery throughout the series.

Also, a rather contrasting but fitting element added to the intensity of the episode was romance, as three different pairs continued their awkward flirtations: Tormund Giantsbane with Brienne, Arya with Gendry, and Grey Worm with Missandei.

The episode did have plenty of memorable dialogue and bonds between characters, but the missing piece was action. It seemed as though the entire episode was leading up to an epic battle against the undead, but it wasn’t to be, as the White Walkers were shown at the edge of Winterfell and we were left to wait another week.