DuPage passes ban on commercially bred pets

Audrey Dwyer, In-Depth Editor

March 5, the Village of Downers Grove Village Council voted unanimously to enact a humane pet store ordinance. Also known as “Louie’s Law” Senate Bill 2280 prohibits the retail sale of animals (dogs, cats, and rabbits) in DuPage County and Will County that are obtained from commercial breeders.

According to a report for the village council meeting, the purpose of “Louie’s Law” is to ensure that animals are not exposed to inhumane treatment or unsanitary conditions; to reduce the diseases seen in mill-bred animals and, consequentially, to protect consumers from the emotional and financial toll of purchasing an ill animal; and according to the report, “to promote community awareness of animal welfare.”

Moving forward, animal retailers are prohibited from selling animals unless they’re from an animal care facility, animal rescue organization or humane society.

The only retailer in Downers Grove that sells commercially bred pets is Happiness is Pets, located on Ogden Ave. Happiness is Pets can change its business model and stop selling commercially bred pets or it will be forced to close when its lease expires Dec. 31, 2022.

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