For Beth, #18


Sarah Rogoz, Editor-In-Chief

“One time it was 11 o’clock at night and Beth was driving me around. She wanted to sit on her phone, so she told me to drive her car. We were driving around and then we ran out of gas, so I had to pay for her gas because she didn’t have her credit card,” junior Ben Thompson said.  

“It was with me and  my parents in Chicago. It was one of my favorite memories of Beth because she was so happy,” junior Allison Cordts said. “She told my mom it was the most beautiful thing that she has ever seen. She started crying because she was so happy.”

“Everybody that was friends with Beth had their own specific, unique, and special relationship with her. There was no two alike. You just had your own connection with her,” junior Mason Ringbloom said.

“Beth was playing the song “On The Way” by Khalid for the third time in a row on the way home from a tournament. Everyone was getting sick of it so I told her to change the song. She told me that if I wanted to change the song then I had to come to the back of the bus,” Manager junior Aleks Glowik said. “We started laughing about the argument two minutes later.”

“We were both at the Brockhampton concert. So I put her up on my back, and there was a mosh pit. So we were like all over the place, and we fell and she got hurt. But she was laughing and it was one of the happiest times that I’ve seen her,” junior Trey Kaiser said.