Would You Like Fries With That?

Liberty Soelberg , Staff Writer

Some may consider fries to only be a side on the menu, but I think they are so much more. They make or break every meal. Fryday March 1, 4 friends and I took upon ourselves the task of sampling the french fries from 10 different fast-food restaurants with a simple, but effective checklist. Temperature, potato quality/quantity, greasiness, crispiness, and their price. The fry that earns the highest rating on a scale of 1-5 deserves the title of “Best French Fry.”

McDonald’s: “The classic” 

The moment we brought the fries into the car, there was a universal moment of awe. The iconic smell of McDonald’s fries created a sense of suspense and the temperature seemed to literally warm the car. It seemed that in every category, it earned the perfect rating. McDonald’s has been perfecting their fry recipe for 64 years and with this experience, they seemed to have found the ideal ingredients. The price of only $1.84 was a huge pro, because this amount is nearly a dollar below a lot of others. Five Guys is about $5.79, which is very costly. All in all, McDonald’s was well-rounded, earning a 4.475/5 average resulting in crowning them with the “Best French Fry” award.

Chick-fil-a: “My pleasure”

Before driving away from the window, we thanked the server and they responded with Chick-fil-a’s standard “My pleasure!”. To be honest, it seems a little forced but still appreciated. The unique waffle structure of these golden-brown potatoes had the perfect ratio between crispiness and potato quantity. Chick-fil-a was the fry that we guessed would win the gold, but it ended up securely taking the silver with a 4.3/5 average. The price was set at $1.85 for a large fry, which is quite a low price and only a cent above McDonald’s. Though Chick-fil-a gained high ranks in Temperature, Potato Quality, Crispiness, and Price, the greasiness brought the average down. Though the environment wasn’t a factor, the happy family-based atmosphere made us feel very welcome!

Arby’s: “The curliest”

Arby’s fries seemed to be the surprise third-place of the bunch. The majority of our group hadn’t seen Arby’s in awhile. Once we realized that we could include Arby’s in the running, we were excited to try the wonderfully flavored curly fry. The crispiness was far above the others that we had tried and Arby’s took the bronze with a 3.45/5 average. There was a heated discussion on several of the components of the list resulting in “grades” across the board, with the biggest complaint being that the fries didn’t taste like real potatoes.  The price was on the costly side with Arby’s charging $2.19 for a large fry. But, it the extra seasoning made up for the extra cost.

Culver’s: “Choose the curds”

Culver’s was probably the most ‘average’ of the bunch. They achieved a 3.45/5 overall because the crispiness and potato quality of the fry wasn’t up to par. It seemed to be soggy and the little fries at the bottom of the bag where the only crispy ones. The fry was definitely packed with potato, but it didn’t work alongside the soggy nature of it. The $1.89 price of the fries was quite reasonable, which helped Culver’s average to raise. I know that this is a fry review, but because of the incredible flavor and crispiness, it’s absolutely necessary to give the cheese curds a shoutout. Though the curds are $3.49, a little less than double the cost of the fries, they are well worth your while. So, I implore you to “Choose the curds”.

Portillo’s: “The inconsistent”

Portillo’s was the hardest to grade because they performed embarrassingly on our sampling night. Before our fryday, most people had put in their bets with Portillo’s taking the gold. It disappointed with a  3.15/5, not even reaching top three status. The potato quality didn’t live up to their normal perfect potato and tasted a little old and the crispiness was also sub-par. The temperature was pretty good considering the long drive-through wait. The fries were on the pricier side being $2.78, but the entire menu at Portillo’s is all a little higher than others. The fries for Portillos were confusing, but they probably deserve a second chance.

Scooby’s: “The locals” 

As you walk out from the track behind DGN, Scooby’s is within eyesight. Scooby’s seems to be an easily accessible place where Herrick and DGN students meet after school, on football game nights, or just for a fun Saturday lunch! Because there isn’t a drive-through, I was able to order from the register surrounded by their iconic checkerboard pattern. I watched as they put fries into the fryer, resulting in pleasing and piping hot fries. The grease almost immediately soaked through the bag, which wasn’t the greatest sign. But the fries tasted very authentic and similar to a real potato, but without a satisfying crunch. Overall, this local restaurant got the final grade of 3.05/5. It barely secured the 6th place spot by .05, with Steak and Shake directly behind it.


So. Would you like fries with that? The answer is always yes.


*This does not necessarily represent the views of all the staff members.