Being a sibling is a full-time job

Ellie Cawthorne, Social Media Editor

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I’m unemployed. Well, technically I am.

However, I feel as if I have two jobs: one being a student and the other being a sibling.
I’ve noticed that whenever my 15-year-old sister is going through something, I’m the first one she goes to talk to. One time she came home crying and when my parents asked her what’s wrong, she insisted,

“No. I only want to talk to Ellie right now.”

Not only have I talked her through situations, but I’ve always been a lifelong teacher to her as well. I was the one who taught her how to tie her shoes (I’m still not sure where my parents were…) and introduced her to theatre, which helped her make solid friendships before she came into high school.

I told her everything she needed to know about high school, just so she doesn’t make the same embarrassing mistakes as I did like running up the stairs that lead to the boiler room thinking I was on my way to the third floor. I’m currently her director in a one-act play. People even say that we are the same person.

As an older sibling, I hold the responsibility to look out for my sister. Every day I think about what it will be like next year for her without me around.

I think it is important to take the time to be a good sibling at least once in your day.
For instance, sometimes it’s hard to talk to your parents about something you’re going through because it might be too private or too embarrassing, or the classic “you won’t understand!” excuse. But when you have a sibling within your age range, they may know exactly how it feels.
Whenever someone tells me that they have a bad relationship with their siblings, it makes me feel sad, but also lucky because I know that I have someone who will always be by my side. I’m not sure many others can say that.

All I can do is wonder what that feels like. Who can they talk to when they are going through something with a friend? Who can you vent to about your frustrations with one of your parents? Who is the one person who can understand you just by looking at you?

I can say with confidence that my sister is my best friend. She knows everything about me and I know everything about her.

So maybe my job as an older sister isn’t all that bad.