Hat Policy: What you need to know

Patrick Brooks , A&E editor

DGN and DGS students were told that a change was made to allow partial head coverings for all students including hoods behind the ear and durags. The change is explained as the school attempting to be more culturally sensitive.


In order to be more culturally responsive while protecting the learning environment… both North High and South High is modifying the student dress code.” said associate principal Kelly Zurner in an email to teachers regarding the change.  


“After the semester, staff will evaluate student discipline…  and then potentially seek official changes to the student handbook for the following year.” said Zurner.

Students already happy about the changes in policy will be excited to hear more changes may be around the corner.


Justin Ealey feels like the change comes at a strange time, having graduated last year, Ealey reacted with “I feel as if the new rule is kinda just weird” adding that “ I get they need to see our faces, but why now after fighting it for so long?”


Many people are interested in the idea of hats in school but the drawbacks of allowing kids to cover their faces can lead to problems. As referenced in the email from Mrs. Zuerner, the changes will be evaluated and just as we can see more changes allowing hats and other options, we may see them taken away.