Underoath: Erase Me-Review

Kyle Schirle, A&E Editor

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Florida hardcore band Underoath returns with their eighth studio album “Erase Me.” This album continues their musical excellence with this project. The album stands as a turning point in their discography since they abandon their metalcore sound and go for a new rock sound.

The lyrics on this album describe a state of distress and a cry for help. The overall tone of this album follows the lyrics especially on “Sink With You,” a song that sounds like a symphony playing in a minor key. The highlight of this album is the probably the mix between vocals. Lead vocalists Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie have been playing together since 2004. Chamberlain, who has a very Kurt Cobain sounding voice, tends to mix together screams and dark raspy tones into his vocals. Often starting bars with a clean vocal and ending in an intense growl. Gillespie, on the other hand, has a much higher more melodic voice which Underoath uses on a lot on their bridges and choruses. This mix creates a beautiful tone for the album.

The only low parts of this album are the fact that this has been done before. What this band is doing is very unoriginal. Bands often struggle going from having heavy sounds to a lighter sound, so the fact that Underoath can pull off a sound change like this successfully does demand some respect.

Overall, I would say this is not their best work, but it definitely is ahead of the pack in regards to their music scene.