‘Time’s Up’ movement costs more than just a $12 pin

Isabelle LaBianco, News Editor

In a sea of black ball gowns and Armani suits, a silver pin catches the attention of the abundance of cameras. The pin becomes chatter amongst the guests and reporters. “Time’s Up” becomes the catchphrase of the 2018 Golden Globes.

With female empowered acceptance speeches and the celebration of women in film and television, the Golden Globes served as a light after the mass amounts of allegations that surfaced against males who sexually assaulted others in the movie industry.

Yet, hours following the award ceremony, a 23-year-old Hollywood actor/director, Violet Paley, tweeted “Cute #TIMESUP pin James Franco. Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? After you had already been caught doing that to another 17 year old?” Multiple news sources headlined the allegations and James Franco has attempted to conceal the claims. Some sources are surprised, others are not, but what struck most, Franco wore a Time’s Up pin the night he won his award.

Aziz Ansari won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a comedic television series. In his acceptance speech, Ansari said that he did not think he was going to win the award because no websites predicted his win. What he also did not know that these websites would, a day after the awards, publish stories that Ansari had went on a date with a young woman. After the date, they engaged in what was supposedly “consensual” sexual activity; his date felt uncomfortable and disturbed and claimed assault. The catcher: Ansari was sporting a Time’s Up pin on Jan. 8.

What should have been an address to the injustice and inequality that women in the film industry have been keeping secret and docile became a flair for events. Within 24 hours, the respect and dignity that the Golden Globes perceived were destroyed by the political obligation of the pin. Most male who attended the award ceremony wore the pin due to the side eyes and whispers if they did not wear the pin. Also, these men were not the only men who wore pins to the ceremony who have allegations against them as well. Are these men advocates or teasers?

The Time’s Up movement needs advocates and supporters. To eliminate the falsity of that surrounded the theme of the Golden Globe after its following days, the movie industry must be willing to support these women who come forth with the allegations and take them seriously. For an actor like James Franco, who has a shot at an Oscar nomination, it’s important to send the message that sexual assault is not accepted.

While caught up in the past actions of male hotshots, the new generation of young adult actors is quite resistant to sexual assault and gender inequality in the movie industry. A group of actors who are projected to premiere in Woody Allen’s upcoming film has donated their salaries made from the movie to groups like Time’s Up, RAINN, and other sexual assault prevention organizations after allegations surfaced on Allen.

It is relieving to know that there is advocating for the gender inequality that lies within any working industry. As a culture that gravitates towards the lives of celebrities and attends movies quite more than voting polls, honoring the movement will gain the most support. Don’t sit staring at the TV complaining about high powers getting away with their actions. Take a stand and advocate for a progressive future. Visit https://www.timesupnow.com/ for more information about the movement.