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Winter dance gets revamped

Sarah Rogoz, Opinion Editor

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After the lack of participation in past winter dances, DGN is trying something different. And by different, I mean adding a 32 by 40-foot synthetic ice skating rink.

Following Hinsdale Central’s last winter dance that included an ice skating rink, one will also be added to this year’s winter dance. This felt like the perfect fit for Student Activities director Mark Mirandola to tie in the theme of Snowcoming, the name of this years dance.

What started with an inflatable obstacle course for the Winterfest of 2016, switched over to a laser tagging game for the following years Winterfest. Even with a new activity, there still may be another student performance.

“We have had student performers at Winterfest in the past, and those types of decisions are usually made two or three weeks before the dance. If we can showcase students talents, I’m all for it,” Mirandola said.

Needless to say, there may be more familiar faces up on stage once again at this years Snowcoming. The winter dance is similar to homecoming, but always a little unique in comparison.

“I’m excited. My brother said [the winter dance] is more fun than homecoming because of the activities there and it’s not as hot,” freshman Charles Ferris said.

The name in itself is a play on the fall school dance Homecoming and will feature winter-themed decor.

“The dance is going to be formal. We want to bring the idea of homecoming with a winter theme. However, no one is expecting students to dress as nice as Homecoming of course,” Student Council President Sarah Jaworski said.

Both previous dances have been promoted as student choice, whereas students could wear whatever they felt appropriate and could go with whomever they please.

“There is no way that there is any way to stop this stereotype of girls asking guys for a winter dance, but Student Council is hoping that no one feels like they need a date. This is not a turnabout at all. We are not promoting any proposals at all, although we encourage to invite whomever you may want,” Jaworski said.

Snowcoming is set for Feb. 10 and will feature a DJ and a dance floor for those who still enjoy a typical school dance. Tickets can be purchased for $20 presale starting Feb. 2 leading up to the dance, and $30 at the door the night of Feb. 10.


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Senior Sarah Rogoz is on her second year on staff, and first year as Editor-In-Chief. As a member of the Cheerleading team as well as the Track & Field...

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