Science teacher awarded for teaching excellence

Isabelle LaBianco, News Editor

On Nov. 2, AP Biology and Anatomy teacher Jeffery Grant became as a finalist for Illinois’s “Presidental Award for Excellence and Science Teaching.” Grant is one of five finalists. This is the highest US governmental award presented to teachers ranging from kindergaten to high school.

“Mr. Grant never fails at utilizing class time as well as ensuring that we as a class really comprehend the content of each lesson all while making class time engaging and enjoyable. His passion for teaching is immeasurable, proven by his dedicated tutelage, the plethora of resources he provides inside the classroom or online, and his overall drive to help his students succeed.”
-Kyle Chapin (12)
“I have the challenge to help students who come into high school thinking that science is hard or it might not be fun. I want to make these classes fun and show the students that there is a lot to do with science. I enjoy having those deep converstations with high school students. “
– Science teacher Jeffery Grant