Athlete to Watch: Ellie Benge

Matt Carbon, Sports Editor

As a Saint Louis University commit, senior Ellie Benge wanted a college that would foster her love for swimming and passion for nursing.

“I knew I needed a school that fit me academically as well as athletically. SLU was by far my top choice, and after going on my recruiting trip, I knew it was the place for me,” Benge said.

Benge got interested in swimming when she was five, and she hasn’t looked back.

“We both really enjoyed the lessons, and after our instructors constant begging of us to join the summer swim team, we did. I love the racing aspect of swimming,” Benge said.

Her teammates have a significant factor in her triumphs.

“They make all the time and hard work put into swimming more enjoyable,” Benge said. “I definitely swim better when I am having fun.”

Benge translates her success from the pool to the classroom on a daily basis.

“Swimming has taught me that hard work and determination really does pay off, and transferring those lessons to the classroom has definitely helped me succeed,” Benge said.