‘The Pulse’ seeks student voices

Sarah Baran, Social Media Editor

In an effort to hear more student voices, Principal Janice Schwarze implemented a program this year she calls “The Pulse of DGN.”

“When you come we’re trying to get the ‘pulse’: what people are talking about, worried about, interested in; things of that nature,” Schwarze said.

Senior Jake Drobnik enjoyed his experience at the Sept. 29 meeting. He did not feel pressured to speak and felt like the opportunity was worth his time.

“There were a wide variety of students from different classes that attended and it was overall very open,” Drobnik said.

At the September meeting five students from each graduating class, who had 4th period lunch/resource, were invited at random to sit in on the meeting and offer their thoughts.

The Wednesday before the meeting, selected students received hand-delivered notes inviting them to become involved with the conversation.

The 15 students who attended the September meeting, three from the waitlist and two from student advisory council, will not be allowed to attend future meetings.

“I’m keeping track of who attended the meeting and those people will not be invited back again. I want to include other people and new voices,” Schwarze said.

The next meeting takes place on Oct. 25 during 5th period in the Alumni room. Students will be notified in the same fashion they were for September.