Hallway jams create major delays

Gerry Kenah, Staff Writer

While walking through the hallways during the day, one might be in the situation where they need to make their way towards or through the library.  That student or teacher might not realize that they are about to enter one of the most chaotic scenes, the 2nd floor hallway. The hallway system creates crazy back-ups in the hall that cause students being late to class, and other sticky situations.  

Most of these build-ups occur right outside the library entrance on the 2nd floor, this can especially be seen during the lunch periods where many students line up to get inside the library for their resource.  

“It’s not safe when people are trying to pass and get to class, which leads people to be late, or getting pushed over to get through,” librarian Aimee Uy said.  

The library has tried several tactics to try and minimize the hallway traffic, and on October 18th students were checked in at a computer away from the entrance so that the line is kept inside the library.  

“It’s always been a problem, with the punch cards we always made a secondary line, but people were abusing the system.  Now there’s no problem with the stand-by line rather with the sheer number of kids” Uy said.   

But the build-up in near the hallway isn’t the only problem.  Where people walk in the hallway also can cause disturbances in our hallway efficiency.  

“People need to learn to walk faster, and walk on the right side of the hallway.  You drive on the right side of the road, you should be walking on the right side of the hallway,” senior Jack Parello said.  

Seniors have seen and gotten used to the mass back-ups in the halls, with no changes to the system in the last 4 years.  

“I think there should be a larger presence of administration in the halls because as far as I know there is little to no security,” Parello said.  

One of the only administrators who are seen monitoring the halls is Mr. Tilton, who can usually be seen on the 2nd floor near the FCCLA rooms.