Blue Puzzle succeeds in Week of Kindness

Fletcher Peters, Feature Editor

During the week of April 4-8, Blue Puzzle raised over $200 for the Autism Speaks foundation.

Blue Puzzle hosted their first “Week of Kindness” in honor of Autism Awareness month. Students were encouraged to show kindness to strangers by smiling or asking ‘how are you?’

Along with kind gestures, students could purchase a puzzle piece with a letter on it. The first group of seven students who were able to spell out the word “friends” with their pieces won a shirt.

When buying the puzzle piece, students also got a blue wristband inscribed with “Autism Awareness” and “Blue Puzzle.” Over 200 bracelets and puzzle pieces were sold. The money raised was donated to Autism Speaks, a foundation dedicated to connect families with information, resources, and opportunities.

“It’s actually one of the few disabilities that is internationally recognized. International monuments are lit up blue, the Eiffel Tower, the Capitol, things like that,” Special Services teacher and Blue Puzzle sponsor Kristen Virostko said.

If it weren’t for sophomore Zach Steele’s vision of the club, the Week of Kindness would not have taken place. Steele says that at first, the club was not exactly what he imagined, but the Week of Kindness helped spread awareness.

“I liked when we were selling [the bracelets and puzzle pieces] and putting up the posters,” Steele said.

Since the beginning of the school year, Blue Puzzle has welcomed about 18 members. The club members are split evenly between kids who have autism and kids who have family members or friends with autism.

Club member junior Cameron Glover helped advocate for the group in the morning announcements.
“My favorite part of the Week of Kindness was seeing people actually carry out some of the challenges we issued, like saying hi to someone they didn’t know, or doing something nice for others,” Glover said.

Blue Puzzle meets every other Thursday in room 212 for about an hour. The club welcomes all new members.