Ilyavi qualifies for IHSA 3-point shootout


Natalie White, Sports Editor

Junior Hannah Ilyavi is not only a starting varsity basketball player, but also a state level 3-point shooter. She tied for first at the sectional shootout making 10 of 15 shots in 45 seconds, making her eligible to move on to the state shootout competition. Ilyavi competed in the preliminary round of the state competition on March 3 at the Redbird Arena in Normal, Illinois and Ilyavi made six out of 15 shots.

When the athletes arrived at the arena, they took a number for shooting order and group. Ilyavi was in group three. Before each group shoots, the group as a whole has three minutes to warm up. There are eight shooters to a group, and all athletes shoot at one time at the same basket for 45 seconds. There are three carts positioned around the arc.

Ilyavi is the first girl to qualify for the state shootout competition out of the five years varsity girls’ basketball coach Stephan Bolt has coached at DGN.

“She’s got a great attitude, she works hard. She’s just one of those kids who wakes up everyday and wants to get better. She’s well respected. I think whatever she does she’ll be successful in whatever endeavor she faces in life,” Bolt said.