Review: The Stanley Cup is just like every other trendy water bottle


Ava LaBianco, News Editor

Over the past months the new hype for the internet has been surrounded by a cup. Not just any cup, the $40 Stanley cup. It has been trending on Tik Tok for being a cute and reliable bottle that fits everyone’s needs. The cup has been targeting women on social media and is sold at Target, Dicks, and Amazon. Like usual, I was influenced to buy the cup. This is my honest review.

As far as looks go, the cup is 40 oz and is shaped to fit into any car cup holder. My cup has a handle on the side for easy access and holding, however some of the smaller sized cups do not. My cup is cream colored but the brand has 11 others to pick and some limited edition colors as well. I will say my cup gets dirty on the outside and has many scratches, however I have dropped it millions of times and it has yet to dent. 

It comes with a straw but the hole also can be used to sip out of. Since it is an open top it spills when tipped over. Either it comes out of the straw or out of the sipping side. There is a way to close your lid, but I have noticed it still leaks when tipped over. 

The cup is made out of metal and has a vacuum-insulated inside that keeps drinks cold up for 11 hours and warm for 7 hours. I tried both types of drinks. I had ice coffee in my Stanley cup and I filled it up in the morning. After 24 hours, there was still a chunk of ice. . For keeping drinks hot, I have noticed that my drink was warm for 7 hours but not the same degrees as when I originally put it in.

It is dishwasher safe, which may vary for others, but my dishwasher is not long enough to put my cup in. I am constantly hand washing it which can be annoying but it depends on the household. I have had different types of drinks and none of them have stained the cup or the straw. 

Overall I would rate this cup a 6/10. It is a great cup however there are so many cheaper options that work just the same as the Stanley. Just like the trend of the Hydro Flask water bottle, it’s only a matter of time until a new cup comes to the surface and the Stanley is out. I would save your money until you find the cup that best suits your needs.