Athlete of the month: Topher Ferris


IN-STRIDE: Topher Ferris turns on the wheels to strand behind his competitors.

Nathan Maniskas, Sports Editor

This year has gone the way Senior Topher Ferris has wanted it to go. Ferris is the top runner for the DGN cross country team this year, who recently qualified for Nike Nationals, the highest competition in the sport to compete at.

“It’s nice to see this 6-month project from June come to a close in the best way possible. It’s the highest tier of high school running. A lot of us have been dreaming about this since middle school and we finally get to honor that dream,” Ferris said.

Ferris expects a lot from himself when it comes to this sport. He always strives to improve despite his team’s amassed success and recognition. 

“It was a pretty solid season. I was looking for a little more but I was able to meet some of the goals I set for myself in June along with our team’s goals,” Ferris said.

Nike Nationals will be in Portland, Oregon this  year on Dec. 3. The event will be packed with competition from across the country. 

“We’re really excited to go to Nike Nationals and we expect to have a great race while enjoying the Nike experience along the way,” Ferris said.