Review: “Anything Goes”

Julia Hanson, Editor-in-Chief

Whether it’s discussing comfort zones, pet peeves, or most recently, cheating in relationships, social media influencer Emma Chamberlain feels like a friend to many teenage girls. She was once a bubbly character on her new YouTube channel in 2017 and has since risen to fame in her coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee and podcast called “Anything Goes.” To me, listening to Chamberlain’s podcast is like talking to a friend. Her opinions always remain open-minded, relatable, and reasonable. I often find myself forgetting she’s a 21-year-old celebrity and not still a unique creator with a small following. 

I love listening to “Anything Goes” while unwinding after a long day with a candle lit or when I’m getting ready for school in the morning. Chamberlain feels like an older sister as she talks about things I have gone through or will go through, and reflecting on these topics to begin or finish my day makes me feel grounded. Her voice is a bit raspy and high-pitched, which could be annoying to some. However, after watching Chamberlain since I was 13, her voice is more comforting and familiar to me than anything. Although Chamberlain is still so young, being under the spotlight for years has forced her to grow up quickly, and she’s grown into a wise, well-articulated woman.

One flaw in Chamberlain’s podcast is the way she over-explains things. Maybe this is due to her young audience, or just her way of avoiding misunderstandings. I do always fully understand her points, however I understand them after her first explanation and example, and still after the third. 

Emma Chamberlain is a voice all teenage girls could benefit from. Not only this, but podcasts are a great way to expand one’s mindset. Something I would love to see from Chamberlain in the future is political opinions. Although I’m sure she wants to keep a seemingly-neutral stance and appeal to all listeners, I’d respect hearing her opinions as someone who’s logical and fair. I truly believe “Anything Goes” is for everyone, so next long car ride or productive morning, try listening to Emma Chamberlain’s in-depth hot takes.