Esports Club debuts at DGN


Lauren Pierret, News Editor

Freshman Reyhan Hashim had the idea to start an Esports team at DGN in September of this school year and has been working with friends Nicholas Ochezdan and Dylan Casey on making this idea a reality. After many months of planning, DGN’s new Esports team held its first meeting Monday, March 7. 

Hashim initially decided to establish this club after seeing esports programs in high schools in surrounding areas and wanted to create a similar outlet and opportunity for the students of DGN. 

“There are a lot of other schools like Naperville North, Lyons Township, and York who are all starting Esports programs,” Hashim said “I wanted to try to get one for us because students should have the opportunity to compete with nearby schools in Esports just like with other activities,” 

Along with the competitive aspect and pride in playing well. Esports is a club where people with a shared interest in gaming can meet. 

“I think it’s [esports]  a way to connect with other people with similar interest,  as is similar with other sports or any other activity. It’s truly about making friends and doing something that you like.” Dylan Casey 

Within this club students will be given the opportunity to competitively play one of three games; fantasy game Valorant, Nintendo battle game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Rocket League, a sport-based game that club organizers describe as “soccer with cars”. Due to the popularity of the games offered, many incoming members are excited to play the games they already love on a competitive level. 

“I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. Ever since I was a little kid and I’ve gotten relatively good at it. I’ve played with some friends but I haven’t gotten to participate in any real tournaments, except for online ones, but this team seems like the next step for becoming a better player and actually competing on a real level,” senior Saatvik Palli said  

While team managers hope to add more games in the future, presenting students with limited games, students get a chance to try different types of games than the ones they are used to and take chances outside of their comfort zone. Freshman Anthony Lucio hopes to compete in the Esports team’s Rocket League or Smash Bros. teams to improve his skills in both games. 

“I have a little experience in competitive gaming, mainly in Fortnite, but never in Smash Bros or Rocket League,” Lucio said “[through this process] I hope I gain some experience that may enhance my skills,” 

Incoming members were expected to try out for the game they planned to commit to. Each game held separate tryouts where incoming members competed in practice matches to demonstrate the key skills needed to be successful in each game. If members are put onto one of the three separate teams within the club practices are held over a Discord server every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

Since this club was created this year, the Esports team missed the opportunity to compete in this year’s formal Esports season. However, they have plans to compete against neighboring schools next season. Along with competing, the club’s organizers hope to expand the number of games available for students to compete in. They also hope to grow and connect the esports community at DGN with their Discord server and possibly some casual gaming opportunities for students. 

“We’re thinking of maybe in the future doing something more casual like a school tournament,” Valorant team co-manager Nicholas Ochezdan said.