Review: Certified Lover Boy

Adam Yeo, A&E Editor

Drake released his newest album Certified Lover Boy (CLB) on Sept 3. The album currently has the most first-week sales in 2021, selling around 613,000 units sold. There are 21 tracks on the project, including features from Future, Travis Scott, Young Thug, JAY-Z, Kid Cudi, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne and more.

A great song can be ruined when an artist is put out of their element. No one wants to hear Lil Wayne sing any more than they want to hear The Weekend rap, both are talented artists, but when they don’t stay in their element, it wouldn’t sound good.

This is why I appreciate Drake tailoring each song to fit perfectly with whomever he decides to share it with. He does a phenomenal job creating songs for other artists while he uses his own versatile skill-set to make sure his part is still the best of the track.

In my opinion, an album with a theme is better than without. That’s the sacrifice Drake made for CLB. If he were to have a set theme, he wouldn’t be able to have guys like Rick Ross and Kid Cudi on the same track list, and one thing I like about the album is that it has a song for every mood.

Unlike their style of music, one thing an artist can change is what they rap, sing, or write about. As much as I do respect this album, one thing I would’ve liked to hear would be for Drake to write about something we haven’t heard before. It feels like since 2001, Drake has written about proving haters wrong, his endless supply of women and not much else. Of course, this is all classic Drake, but it’d be cool to hear him take a new angle in his music.

Of course, he has had a few different songs now and then. In CLB, he tried something new on “Knife Talk (with 21 Savage ft. Project Pat)”. Which sounds great and is one of the most played songs on CLB.

All in all CLB is a eccentric album. It has songs that can be considered workout songs, and songs that are gentle enough to fall asleep to. While still managing to put everything we love about Drake in between.