Mielke (12) commits to play basketball at University of Southern Indiana


Photo by Jennifer Stephens and edited by the University of Southern Indiana staff

Senior Jack Mielke proudly announces his commitment to the University of Southern Indiana

Emma Gramm, Feature Editor

Senior Jack Mielke verbally committed with a National Letter of Intent Nov. 29 to the University of Southern Indiana, which issued him a full scholarship for basketball. Mielke, along with his peers and coaches, are anticipating what this opportunity will bring. 

Mielke has been playing basketball since fifth grade and has been involved with the DGN basketball program for his four years of high school. Mielke plays in the forward position for DGN’s varsity team and will likely continue with this in college. 

Southern Indy offers a coaching staff that Mielke bonded to and an atmosphere that brought him high hopes for this school. 

“I am really excited because I think I am going to have a great opportunity at a great school. It just felt right when I was there, and I really connected with the coaching staff and players, which only built on the sense that it felt like a good fit for me,” Mielke said. 

Head Basketball coach James Thomas assisted Mielke in the basketball recruiting process. Thomas is excited to see him play in the college division as this was a goal of his. 

“Jack is mature in that he communicates well beyond his age and that is a contributing factor when selling yourself to college programs. We are all excited for Jack because he had his sights set on receiving a college scholarship,” Thomas said.  

Senior Eli Carter, a teammate of Mielke’s since seventh grade, is proud of him for this accomplishment. He describes Mielke as a leader and teammate to look up towards. 

“He really is a leader and knows how to get us going,” Carter said. “I have never met someone who works harder and I am especially looking forward to how he can maximize his potential in a college environment”