Not top 10: Zoom experiences


Graphic by: Maggie Ward

Maggie Ward, Feature Editor

Being in a global pandemic does not excuse any of us from the embarrassingly hilarious moments of life we live through on a daily basis. In fact, these shame-filled instances seem to be even heightened on a silent Zoom call—where everyone’s microphones are muted. Although it seems like the end of the world at the time, these memory gems make for not only some great stories later on, but most importantly, great Omega content for the whole school to laugh at. And, while I am grateful to say that none of the following are quite as humiliating as reporter Jeffery Toobin’s little mishap, these are nonetheless classic bloopers. Without further adieu, here are some of DGN’s not top 10 Zoom experiences:

10. Elena Tomchek: “I joined my English Zoom after getting a bowl of mac and cheese for lunch. I went on the Zoom, not even paying attention and I was sitting there unmuted while the class was listening to me eat my mac and cheese.”

9. Madeline Schallmoser: “I had first-period Fitness II class and my dad is friends with Mr. Isaacson, my teacher.  We get most of each class period to go off-camera and do our lifts, so I was working out in the basement and I had my computer on Zoom upstairs where I do my school work. Apparently, my dad went on my computer, turned on my video and audio, and talked with Mr. Isaacson while I was downstairs. I never would’ve known it even happened if he didn’t tell me later that day.”

8. Gretchen Lucina: “I am not very good at waking up in the morning and I accidentally fell back to sleep after my alarm went off and missed my second class. When I went to my teacher’s office hours to ask what I was gone for, the first thing he said was ‘Did you finally wake up?’ before I even told him why I wasn’t there.”

7. Parker Glynn: “During a Math test, someone didn’t know they weren’t on mute and they said ‘Alexa, what’s the square root of 72?’”

6. Isa Novotny: “I was on TikTok when I was unmuted and WAP was playing.”

5. Maggie Ward: This one comes from yours truly… and naturally it takes place in none other than Journalism class. It began when my dear friend Gretchen Lucina had privately chatted to me saying she was late to class due to her oversleeping. Thinking I was still in the private chat,  I proceeded to chat back “HAHA I’M NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION RN.” Just like that. Except, it wasn’t a private chat. It was to the entire class. I left the meeting.

4. Former DGN student Brooke Buckman: “So I was on Zoom for my 0-period class and fell asleep on camera, clearly displayed and projected onto the whiteboard for all the kids in the in-person learning class to see. I slept into the next period and woke up to the next class in the classroom and I was still sleeping on the screen as the only kid on Zoom.”

3. Maeve Miller: “I was in my class and we had a break so everyone was turning off their cameras and leaving the Zoom for a little. Naturally, during this break, I made a TikTok as any other Gen-Z student would, and somehow my camera was on the whole time. The horror I felt was unmatched. I have never clicked the ‘leave meeting’ faster in my life.”

2. Anonymous Sophomore: “I was on the toilet and the teacher randomly called on me and told me to turn on my camera, so I had to talk to the whole class on the toilet.”

1. Monty Burnap: “Bro I was going to the bathroom and suddenly my mic is on and everyone heard me. Mr. Ashton was like ‘Monty! Are you there?’ and muted me.” I was too embarrassed to say anything so I played it off like I didn’t know and he said  ‘Guys, we’re just gonna pretend that didn’t happen. I don’t think he realized. We’re gonna be nice okay?”