Senior assassin: no longer just fun and games

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Senior assassin season is here and you know what that means: paranoia, backstabbing and hilarity ensue. We all know it is in good fun, but when is enough enough? Should our fun be regulated?

To put it plainly, people have not been offered the fair chance that they should be offered. Between Moises Dominguez’s bounty placed on his head and new rules constantly being introduced, every player hasn’t gotten their fair play in the game.  

Although the game thrives in chaos, we believe in order for everyone to have a fair chance the game must have more than 8 rules that can be easily bent and manipulated. This includes preventing the circumstance of one person being multiple people’s targets.

We also believe that, although it being friendly competition, the bullying and harassment of other players should be strictly prohibited. Passive-aggressive Instagram captions and comments make the game less fun to play.

All matters should be handled in an unbiased and professional way. If the commissioner happens to become upset, snarky comments “won’t get you very far.”

Because of these reasons, the game has lost its’ momentum and interest has plummeted. Suddenly participants in the game want to sell themselves out of it. In the official senior assassin GroupMe group chat, messages such as “if you have me make an offer to kill me” and “whoever has me I’ll let you shoot me” have been sent.

Let’s play the game like it’s supposed to be played: all in good fun. No friendship deserves to be ruined over a silly game that involves hiding in people’s bushes and following people home from sporting events. This should be a game that underclassmen look forward to playing when they are seniors.

It’s understandable that rules will be modified for new circumstances. But that doesn’t mean it should be done in the best interest of the group and not just benefit a few people. For instance, the rule that you cannot shoot anyone from the hours of 7:45 am to 3:35 pm leaves no room for people who have late arrival to be shot. Therefore, it makes the game extremely hard for students whose target doesn’t have a first period class.

It’s simple. Money is involved, so everyone should have a fair chance. Bribery or modified rules aren’t a fair way to play. Hopefully in the following years the game is not only played with more respect, but better organization.