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Galentine’s Day brings friends together

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Galentine’s Day brings friends together

Sophie Karrow, In-Depth Editor

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In recent TV shows and social media trends, photos and hashtags of Friendsgivings, Secret Santa, and Galentine’s day have taken over feeds. Students are jumping on board taking traditional holidays with a friendly twist.

Galentine’s day is a fresh take on Valentine’s Day where you spend the holiday with people you hang out with and don’t make out with. Friendsgiving, is a holiday often celebrated close to Thanksgiving with your closest friends and share leftovers from the holiday or celebrate with potluck dishes.

In a Forbes article by Rachel Bergstein, she explains how Friendsgiving has gained it’s platform through social media. Millenials are attracted to the idea because it adds a youthful twist to a holiday that has remained relatively static for many years.

Friendsgiving might just be the first viral holiday, born out of a distinct mix of word-of-mouth and Instagram envy. As of today, #friendsgiving yields over 668,000 posts on Instagram, and an active stream of tweets ranging from recipes, to photos, to snark.  USA Today, Food & Wine, US Weekly and Refinery 29 have all published articles about it. Friendsgiving is becoming a national tradition before our very eyes,” Bergstein says. “Dear Friendsgiving: we choose you.”

Students have latched on to the idea eager to spend holidays with friends in a relaxed fun environment.

“I’ve celebrated Friendsgiving and I plan to celebrate Galentine’s Day with friends. It’s exciting to get into the mood of the holidays without feeling as though you have to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend,” senior Cassidy Steel said. “You can celebrate how much you love your friends too!

There is less pressure in today’s society to spend holidays with a boyfriend/girlfriend. As TV shows and social media have shifted towards holidays with friends people have become less stressed about finding someone special to spend them with.

“I definitely feel less pressure to celebrate with a significant other, and I’m really glad for that. A steady friend group is always there for you,” senior Niamh Stewart said.

Steel explains that she believed a lot of the pressures were placed on teenagers and young adults by parents. The belief that generational changes in mindset have led to different celebrations.

“I think there’s been a lot of expectation when it comes to dating in the past,” Steel says. “Today people are less concerned if your dating someone and much more accepting of different ways of celebrating holidays.”

In the end, holidays are about those you love and celebrating those you are most grateful for.

“I think it’s more teenagers today growing up and realizing that holidays are meant to be enjoye. That can mean romantically or with friends,” senior Ansareen Hassan says. “I feel like holidays are more about spending time with everyone you are close to, rather than just your significant other. I think everyone just wants to have fun.”

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