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Trojans raise funds, receive a brand new look

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Trojans raise funds, receive a brand new look

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Billy Greenaberg (12), Natalie Kluzowski (12), and Rachel Martello (11) model their new uniforms before the big game on Friday, Sept. 9.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Billy Greenaberg (12), Natalie Kluzowski (12), and Rachel Martello (11) model their new uniforms before the big game on Friday, Sept. 9.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Billy Greenaberg (12), Natalie Kluzowski (12), and Rachel Martello (11) model their new uniforms before the big game on Friday, Sept. 9.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Billy Greenaberg (12), Natalie Kluzowski (12), and Rachel Martello (11) model their new uniforms before the big game on Friday, Sept. 9.

Jasmine Abdallah and Madison Venckus

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As the football team took the field for the first time this season Aug. 26, the fans filling the bleachers took notice of the new uniforms adorned by the football players, Athena’s dance team, and the marching band.

Since 2002, the football team has worn the same design on their jerseys. Keith Lichtenberg, one of the football team coaches, was involved in the designing of the new uniforms.

“The old design was becoming expired. We said ‘if we’re going to change jerseys, let’s see if we can update the design,’” Lichtenberg said. “To customize [the jerseys], the price goes up. We were able to cut down the price by not putting the names on the back.”

Over the past three years, the football team has switched up their way of fundraising, bringing in a larger amount of money. Players now sell Trojan discount cards which include coupons from local and family shops.

“Our fundraiser came into play last year with our new N-zone camera, and wanting to pay for three iPads for practice videoing. That was all fundraising the program went out and did,” Lichtenberg said.

The football receives funds from the DGN Athletics and boosters as well. Athletics covers things seen as essentials, which included the new helmets for the team. With help from the boosters, the team has been able to fund their new N-zone camera, three iPads, wifi hotspot, and the teams Hudl account.

“Hudl is a website for the football team required by IHSA teams to exchange tape. So that’s why having N-zone cameras and the wireless to share the video has become a necessity,” Lichtenberg said. “We wanted to make sure this year that we are showing our kids we’re trying to get them not only competitive on the field but competitive in a way that they feel proud about what they’re wearing.”

On the sidelines, fans can spot the Athenas wearing new uniforms as well. Athena’s coach Chloe Penny helped with the design of the team’s uniforms.

“Coach Isaacson, who has coached for eight years, went to Downers Grove North and was an Athena, and she wore the uniforms that our JV team wore last year. The JV uniforms have probably been at the school for 25 years,” Penny said.

From carwashes to kids camps, the Athenas have their own twist on fundraising for the team. Raising about $3200 a year, the Athenas are able to fundraise money for their costumes and uniforms. To pay for competitions, the Athenas rely on the DGN Athletics.

“Athletics asks for a budget every year, and I said ‘ok here’s what we need’ and then they approve it,” Penny said.

During halftime, the marching band joins the Athenas in their new uniforms as well. The band receives a new uniform design every 10 years.

Fine Arts department chair and band teacher Brayer Teague said, “District 99 replaces the band uniforms once each decade. We are very pleased with the look and construction of the new uniforms, and the public response has been very positive.”

As the wind blows the band’s capes, the purple and white catch people’s eye.

“Our new uniforms include several artistic elements that are a nod to our past while also looking to the future with the inclusion of our recently adopted Fine Arts Department logo printed directly on the capes,” Teague said. Keep an eye out for the Trojans’ new uniforms as they parade the field next football game.

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