Top fashion trends for the new year

December 9, 2019

As 2020 draws closer, bold patterns, statement shoes, and comfort are all the rage. We are waving goodbye to our middle school best friends, Adidas Superstars and basic skinny jeans, and welcoming in new and recycled trends for the upcoming year.   

This winter, trends from the 80s such as mom jeans, denim jackets, and bold windbreakers are popping up everywhere. Fashion merchandising teacher Stacy Polen explains how these iconic clothing items are coming back from the dead.

“The phrase ‘what was old is new’ comes to mind,” Polen said in an Omega interview conducted by Blair Steele last year. “Somewhere a celebrity, someone in pop culture or someone that teenagers follow will start a trend by wearing something and soon many are wearing a similar look.”

You can’t talk about contemporary fashion without mentioning statement shoes. No matter where you are in DGN, you can see chunky shoes of all colors. Notable brands are Air Force 1s, New Balances, Doc Martens, Vans, and all types of Adidas originals.

According to Seventeen Magazine, the throwback style as a whole was sparked by the recirculation of Air Force 1 sneakers. Air Force 1s were originally produced in 1982 and became popular due to hip-hop culture and famous figures such as Michael Jordan and Rasheed Wallance.

Rising in popularity alongside bulky shoes is the sherpa obsession. Sherpa is a fabric made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton named for its resemblance to the wool-lined clothing worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal. This sherpa obsession is the perfect match against Chicago’s freezing temperatures. 

“Sherpa can be found in the lining of a coat, an over sized jacket, or the inside of a heavy coat. It’s used many different ways with outerwear to keep us warm while staying in style. As with most fashion trends, Sherpa has made a comeback and is being sold by luxury and fast-fashion retailers,” the Brooklyn Cloth Company said in an article titled, ‘Why is Sherpa Trending?’

Everyone puts their own unique twist on modern trends, whether it be they ignore them altogether or they dive head-first into them, embracing them fully. Pictured is some of our most fashionable DGN Trojans showcasing our 2020 winter fashion trends. 

Senior Grace Mulligan (pictured top right) is the perfect example of comfy-chic. Her relaxed outfit consists of a pair of army green joggers from Aritzia, a black hoodie from Madewell, and a trendy tan sherpa jacket from Free People. Her fashion-forward vinyl white boots from Urban Outfitters can elevate any outfit from lazy Sunday to photo shoot ready.

“I’ve always been super into fashion,” Mulligan said. “I want to study fashion when I am in college. I want to work for a magazine as an editor when I am older. I just think fashion is fun, and you can do whatever you want with it.”

Stunting a classic look is junior Reese Isacson (pictured top right). Isacson is layering a plain white t-shirt with a tan sherpa-lined Levi’s jacket. His simple blue jeans are from Levi’s as well. Lastly, his blue and orange New Balance sneakers are accented finish the outfit, highlighted by a pair of holiday socks patterned with elves. 

“I was always that kid whose mom would dress them in golf shirts and khaki shorts every day in elementary school. What I’ve worn has just changed with age and with style trends,” Isacson said. “I’d say my style is a mix of fratty and trendy. I’m mostly influenced by what my brothers wear. We steal a lot of each others’ clothes because we all have the same style.” 

Junior Allie Petkova (pictured bottom left) is rockin’ cheetah print jeans from American Eagle with a black lace long sleeve top from Hollister, layered with a white, sherpa-lined denim jacket from Francesca’s. A pair of black lace-up boots from H&M finish the outfit.

When asked how to describe her style, Petkova says that she is “a young, whimsical, creative girl that also likes to wear all black sometimes.”

“I think it’s fun to change up something about yourself. For most of my life, everything maintains simplicity, but fashion allows me to come up with new looks and become an artist without pen and paper,” Petkova said.

Wearing a street style ‘fit is senior Enrique Sahagun (pictures bottom right). Sahagun is sporting a Harley Davidson sweatshirt with black jeans embroidered with roses from Pacsun complemented by a black patterned belt from Urban Outfitters and gray Sk8-Hi Vans. 

“I usually like to mix up my wardrobe. It’s not about how much clothes you have, it’s how many outfits you can put together with what you have,” Sahagun said. “The thing I like most about fashion is being able to have confidence and express yourself through your personal style.”

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