BLOWOUT: the referee signals for a score after a Drew Cassens rushing touchdown. (Nolen Stevens)
BLOWOUT: the referee signals for a score after a Drew Cassens rushing touchdown.

Nolen Stevens

Trojan football team moves to 2-0 after Addison Trail blowout

September 9, 2019

What’s red and blue and striped all over? DGN’s USA themed student section during last night’s home matchup. Graduating Athenas, cheerleaders, and football players alike celebrated Senior Night with a 41-0 victory over the Addison Trail Blazers. Quarterback senior Drew Cassens led the Trojans with 3 rushing touchdowns and one passing. 

The Trojans capitalized on their first offensive possession of the game with a rushing touchdown by running back senior Joshua Lumpkin, followed by another from Cassens. On the other side of the ball, the Trojan defense commanded the line of scrimmage, consistently smothering attempted run plays. 

Trojan pass plays saw more success in comparison to last week’s Buffalo Grove showdown. Completed passes moved the chains for the Trojan offense throughout the game. A 68 yard reception by wide receiver sophomore Adam Criter resulted in the third touchdown of the night. 

The same success was not apparent for the Blazers of Addison Trail. Senior safety Mark Dennison contributed a pair of interceptions, rattling the Blazers’ QB Anthony Valenti.

An energetic second half was apparent following a 92 yard kick return touchdown for Criter.  Cassens ran for 2 TDs, totaling 75 yards, in the latter half of the game. 

The Trojans take on the York Dukes at home this Friday. It is expected to be a heated matchup, as the Dukes ended last year’s Trojan playoff run by one touchdown. 

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