Girls’ track team breaks records at Mustang Relays

Ava Gilley (11), Lily Eddington (10), Sarah Paul (12), and Sydney Hnatiuk (12) after breaking the 4 x 800 meter record.
Ava Gilley (11), Lily Eddington (10), Sarah Paul (12), and Sydney Hnatiuk (12) after breaking the 4 x 800 meter record.

Three indoor school track records were broken by the girls’ track team at DGS March 4. With a time of 9:10:14, Ava Gilley, Lily Eddington, Sarah Paul, and Sydney Hnatiuk broke the 4 x 800 meter indoor school record by over 13 seconds. The previous record was established in 2014.

“We went into the race knowing that we totally could beat the record, we just had to put in our best foot forward,” senior Sarah Paul said. “Last year we weren’t able to achieve this goal so we were a little nervous going into it, but I think everyone on the team did a really good job sticking with our competitors. We all played a really big role, even when faced with tough competition.

Dakota Washington (12), Allison Leach (11), Emily Wittmer (12), and Aniya Hubbard (10) after breaking the 4 x 200 meter record. 


Dakota Washington, Emily Wittmer, Allison Leach, and Aniya Hubbard broke the second indoor school record of the night, in the 4 x 200 meter event with a time of 1:45:86.


“Fortunately, we were able to successfully execute all of our handoffs and stay ahead of the other competitors throughout the whole race,” Senior Emily Wittmer said.

Ava Gilley (11), Jillian Peters (11), Hannah Renner (11) and Helen Justice (11) after breaking the 4 x 400 meter record. 

Additionally, Ava Gilley, Jillian Peters, Hannah Renner, and Helen Justice broke the 4 x 400 meter indoor school record with a time of 4:02:96.

The girls’ track team is already making waves in the beginning of their season and are hoping to continue their trail of success in upcoming meets.

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