Hope Sebek steps back on the court

Hope Sebek steps back on the court

Senior Hope Sebek has dedicated all four years of her high school career to playing for the girls basketball team. After a season-ending ACL tear during her junior year, Sebek is back and better than ever. 


“I am so grateful to be able to perform at a high level after my surgery,” Sebek said. “There was a point in time where it was not guaranteed that I would be playing again, so having this opportunity is such an accomplished feeling.”


One of Sebek’s most notable moments thus far was being named Player of the Game for one of the team’s biggest matchups of the season that concluded with a victory over the number one ranked team: Nazareth Academy. 


“The highlight of the season so far has definitely been beating Naz,” Sebek said. “We were very lucky to play against such a good team and I am super proud of my team as a whole for working so hard to compete and support each other.”


Alongside a supportive and hardworking team, Sebek credits her success to the DGN basketball coaching staff. 


“I also think the support from my coaches has contributed to most of my success this season. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them and I am so thankful to always have them by my side.”


Beside the athletic success she has experienced, Sebek acknowledges the character-building aspect of being a high school athlete.


“I have learned a ton from my time on the team. I learned life lessons like resilience, mental toughness, and leadership,” Sebek said. “I also learned how to become a team player and have a positive impact on the younger players in the program.”


While Sebek does not plan to continue playing basketball after high school, she looks back extremely fondly on her years in the program, and her time with the sport as a whole.


“I am going to miss everything about basketball. The thing I will miss the most is definitely the team aspect and how everyone always has each other’s backs no matter what,” Sebek said. “I am also going to really miss the individual aspect. It is so rewarding being able to hold yourself accountable and focus on your game.”

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