Humans of DGN: N-Zone Leader Alex Miller transitions to the court

Humans of DGN: N-Zone Leader Alex Miller transitions to the court

Suited up in his purple and white striped overalls and sprinting at full speed, senior Alex Miller races across the cross country course. His prerogative: to cheer on the team for one last time before they cross the finish line. Miller can be found at nearly every sporting event, girls’ and boys’ alike- to support DGN athletes. Attending almost every single game, race, and competition since the start of the 2023-2024 year, Miller shows a dedication to his school and shows up in ways unlike any other.


LEADING THE PACK: Miller cheers on  girls’ and boys’ cross country teams at the Twilight Invitational Oct. 4. (Audrey Gorey)

From leading chants and being a beacon of positivity to the student section at Friday Night Light football games, Miller goes beyond the role of what it means to be a traditional student N-Zone Leader- or what it has been in the past. 


“I believe it is important to attend as many sporting events as I can,” Miller said.  “Even though football draws large crowds in the fall, I think it is important to show support to other athletes in their sports as well. This support is something that I believe these athletes appreciate even if they might not show it.”


Determined to show an equal amount of encouragement, no matter the sport, Miller wants to highlight all DGN athletes, not just the ones from the most popularly attended events. As a basketball player himself, Miller knows what that support means to athletes.


“Being an athlete has been very influential in my role as an N-Zone leader. Energy at basketball games helps provide a great atmosphere while we are playing. Bringing that same atmosphere is something that I thought would be important to other athletes as well,” Miller said.

ALL-AMERICAN: At the crosstown classic football game against DGS Sept. 1, Miller sports face paint while leading the student section. (Jen Stephens)


The boys’ basketball team is coming off their best finish in school history, finishing fourth in the state. Miller hopes to go undefeated in conference and win the West Suburban Conference Title. 


“This basketball season I am looking to improve and grow to be the best we can be by March for playoffs,” Miller said. My other goal would be to make it down to state again and win it all.”


Miller is currently undecided and considering playing at the collegiate level. 


“I have received some college interest and am still weighing my options,” Miller said. 

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