LIGHTS UP: Harry Styles’ performance engages the crowd in his song “Lights Up”. (Photo by Marli Kowalski)
LIGHTS UP: Harry Styles’ performance engages the crowd in his song “Lights Up”.

Photo by Marli Kowalski

Review: Love On Tour

November 4, 2021

Pastel patterns, groovy florals, leather boots, and pink boas created a sea of rainbow that was Harry Styles stans the night of Nov. 3 at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. Teenage girls screamed as a black box was rolled onto stage. “He climbs out of a box to open every show,” my ecstatic friend said, squeezing my arm. Out of the three of us, she was the most excited, already beginning to sob, and rightfully so. The king himself opened with a bang and left me humming “Golden” the next day. 

I hadn’t seen Harry Styles, or in fact anyone live since a One Direction concert in fourth grade. Harry was always my favorite, but my best friend was a Harry girl so it was only appropriate that I was a Louis girl. It’s been lovely seeing Styles evolve over the years, as I have as well. Although the 2014 long hair in a headband look was a low of his, Styles has been at his peak since the release of his album, “Fine Line” in 2019. Vogue photoshoots in dresses and skirts got the world’s attention and Styles has been paving the way for fashion and music since. 

The opener of the show, Jenny Lewis, left me speechless. I sat there in a trance, bopping along to her groovy voice and style, which she takes after Stevie Nicks. I wondered if this was intentional, as Styles has expressed his love for Nicks. Lewis is 45 years old, so I also wondered if this had anything to do with Styles’ dating history. Whatever the case may be, Jenny Lewis earned another listener that night. 

Before playing “Treat People With Kindness”, Styles helped a fan in the pit confess her sexuality to her mother who was in a much higher section. It was the perfect lead transition into the song where Styles prances around waving LGBT pride flags. I appreciated how interactive Styles was with the crowd while just being himself. 

“Happy” is how I would describe the show— almost too happy. During “Cherry” and “Fine Line” I would have liked to just sing along and cry, but Styles added a peppy flair to the chorus. However during “Falling”, I was again in a trance, this time with tears rolling down my face. 

Paying tribute to the past, Styles played his old One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful”. This was a full-circle moment for me, and I’m sure most other girls in the crowd. For this song, he encouraged the crowd to dance like nobody’s watching and sing as if no one could hear you. Throughout the show Styles would skip, stomp, and dance around excitedly; it was so organic and warmed my heart. 

I went to Love On Tour as a loyal Harry Styles fan. He’s one of those people I think everyone likes. I left with a deeper love for Styles, a soul connection if you will. It seems to me that’s why girls love him, he is one of the few men who truly understand us. Strumming each chord with his gold chunky rings and pink nail polish, my inner fourth-grade self fell back in love with Harry Styles, this time in a different way.

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