DEFENSE: Janicki throws baserunner out during a softball game last spring. (Photo by Carrie Swenson)
DEFENSE: Janicki throws baserunner out during a softball game last spring.

Photo by Carrie Swenson

Janicki (12) commits to Wagner for softball

September 7, 2021

Amidst the prolonged recruiting process that many have struggled with during the pandemic, senior Payton Janicki has committed to Wagner College in Staten Island, New York to pursue her passion for softball at the collegiate level. 

Janicki, a four-year varsity athlete, has played softball since she was four years old. When she’s not on the field at North, Janicki plays travel softball for Nationals Premier and frequently travels to compete in different tournaments across the country. With years of experience, Janicki will be able to continue her passion at a Division one college. 

“Playing for all these years has absolutely paid off, and I think that it happening has been a dream come true for me. I’m very fortunate to have parents that were able to support me throughout the years, and I think that committing to a good school and accomplishing what I did is definitely a blessing,” Janicki said. 

Varsity Softball coach Eric Landschoot has coached Janicki since her freshman year and was able to watch her grow into the athlete she has become today. 

“She is very deserving of this, she works hard all year round and plays a lot of ball in the summer,” Landschoot said. “She is very dedicated to softball, a great teammate, and a very easy athlete to coach.”

While Wagner wasn’t a school Janicki had looked into before last year, she was excited to share everything she is looking forward to about the school and how grateful she was for the opportunity. 

“I honestly don’t know where I would have been if COVID didn’t happen, but I do believe that everything that happened, happened for a reason and I’m so grateful for that because I love the coaches, and the girls I’ve already met from the team,” Janicki said.

 “And the campus is beautiful so I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I think I was meant to go here.” 


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