A TASTY TRADITION: Girl Scouts from Troop 55779 sell cookies at Jewel Osco in Woodridge. (Kate)
A TASTY TRADITION: Girl Scouts from Troop 55779 sell cookies at Jewel Osco in Woodridge.


Girl Scout Cookies: Worst to best

March 21, 2021

With about 200 million boxes sold across the country each cookie season, Girl Scout Cookies have cemented their place in pop culture and become a staple of the American diet. Since their introduction in 1917, Girl Scout Cookies have expanded into a hugely successful nationwide fundraising program boasting dozens of varieties ranging from time-weathered classics to new mouthwatering flavors.

Now that Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us, the age-old debate has resurfaced; which Girl Scout Cookie reigns supreme? Like any normal person, I have strong opinions on this topic and feel it is my responsibility to share them with you. I have taken it upon myself to create a definitive, scientific ranking of the Girl Scout Cookies. 

In order to evaluate these cookies as a whole, I scored each cookie out of 10 points (with 10 being the best and zero the worst) in three categories; the visual appeal of the cookie, the overall taste, and how much I like the name of the cookie. The sum of these scores was then used to determine the cookie’s overall place in my ranking. In the event of any ties, the cookie with the better taste score was moved up the list. The results of my careful research are as follows:


  1. Trefoils

Coming in last place are Trefoils, a shortbread cookie that tastes like the cookie version of cardboard. Though they have a unique shape designed after the trefoil-shaped Girl Scout emblem and imprinted with the silhouette of two women’s faces, their lack of flavor beyond their overwhelming taste of disappointment easily makes them one of the least enjoyable cookies. I’m also taking away points because I’m not sure I can even pronounce “Trefoil” correctly.

Overall score: 14

Visual appeal: 7

Taste: 3

Name: 4


  1. Girl Scout S’mores

This cookie, although one of the Girl Scout’s most popular, was the biggest letdown for me. I was expecting the combination of graham cracker with chocolate and vanilla icing to remind me of childhood campfires and gooey marshmallows. I was instead greeted with the unimpressive taste of a basic sugary sandwich cookie that did little to live up to its namesake. Although their visual appeal is amazing-they look exactly like miniature s’mores-Girl Scout S’mores have a forgettable flavor and an equally uncreative name to match.

Overall score: 15

Visual appeal: 10

Taste: 5

Name: 0


  1. Do-si-dos

Dos-si-dos are another sandwich cookie, this time with oatmeal cookies and a peanut butter filling, but in my view are far more satisfying than Girl Scout S’mores. The sweet (but not overpowering) oatmeal flavor coupled with the peanut butter makes for a simple yet delicious cookie. Visually, these cookies are nothing special, but their taste and inventive name make up for it. Do-si-do just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Overall score: 20

Visual appeal: 5

Taste: 7

Name: 8


  1. Tagalongs

Tagalongs, vanilla cookies topped with a layer of peanut butter and covered in chocolate, are every Reese’s lover’s dream. Chocolate and peanut butter is easily one of the best food combinations out there, and the Girl Scout’s take on it is addictive. Tagalongs, with their fun (albeit random) name, are a classic can’t-go-wrong cookie that remains the favorite of many.

Overall score: 21

Visual appeal: 5

Taste: 8

Name: 8


  1. Lemon-ups

I was surprised by how much I liked Lemon-ups. When I think “Girl Scout Cookie,” lemon flavors don’t come to mind, but these crispy lemon cookies with sweet lemon icing were really good. The bold flavor of the cookie pairs well with the various motivational messages stamped into the top of every cookie. There’s something rewarding about reading “I AM A LEADER” or “I AM AN INNOVATOR” as you shove dozens of cookies in your face. 

Overall score: 22

Visual appeal: 10

Taste: 7

Name: 5


  1. Toffee-tastic

Toffee-tastic is one of the lesser-known cookies that I had never heard of, but it is now one of my favorites. These buttery, crunchy cookies with toffee pieces are what Trefoils would taste like if they had any personality. They are simple-looking cookies with a relatively unimaginative name, but their salty-sweet flavor is amazing. I could easily down an entire box of these in about 10 minutes. If you haven’t tried Toffee-tastics, you’re missing out.

Overall score: 22

Visual appeal: 7

Taste: 9

Name: 6


  1. Thin Mints

The definition of iconic in every way possible. Thin mints may appear plain and uninteresting, but these crunchy explosions of mint chocolate are so addictive that they won’t last a day in your house. Thin Mints are one of the best Girl Scout Cookies not only because of their flavor but also because of their versatility. Thin Mint ice cream, Thin Mint coffee, frozen Thin Mints-these cookies in any form are fantastic.

Overall score: 23

Visual appeal: 5

Taste: 10

Name: 8  


  1. Samoas

At our number one spot are Samoas, the quintessential Girl Scout Cookie. Caramel, chocolate and coconut all rolled into one. Samoas have the best flavor combination of all Girl Scout Cookies by far-which is saying something considering the chocolate/peanut butter and chocolate/mint combinations. Visually, Samoas are beautiful and taste as good as they look. They are undeniably the best and if you disagree, you’re wrong.

Overall score: 26

Visual appeal: 9

Taste: 9

Name: 8


Think my ranking is wrong? Can’t believe Tagalongs or Do-si-dos weren’t number one? Use this Cookie Finder to find out where Girl Scout Cookies are being sold near you and decide for yourself. Regardless of your opinion on which cookie is the best (it’s Samoas), buy a few boxes and support your local Girl Scouts!

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One Response to “Girl Scout Cookies: Worst to best”

  1. Mrs. Spahr-Thomas on April 6th, 2021 6:01 pm

    I appreciate you trying to answer the age-old question, “Which Girl Scout Cookie Reigns Supreme?” However you are out of your mind if you think Samoas are the best. One of the most recent additions to the Girl Scout family, S’mores, clearly exemplifies what a means to be a Girl Scout — you know the great outdoors and all. Samoas caramel coconut topping is not visually appealing and the caramel sticking to your teeth does not allow for ease of eating. I will gladly take your remaining S’mores that you did not consume, since you rated them so low, and give the S’mores to someone like me who appreciates a great cookie when they try one.

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