COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAD: Psychic Laura Lynn uses tarot cards and clairvoyance to pass messages from those passed. (Photo courtesy of
COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAD: Psychic Laura Lynn uses tarot cards and clairvoyance to pass messages from those passed.

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Psychic Medium Laura Lynn connects to those passed

March 4, 2021

“Every reading that I do provides healing. Sometimes that healing is connecting to a loved one in spirit that you’ve disconnected with and you want to say ‘hello’ to again. I’ve had parents who have lost children, pet dogs, even once a pet turtle come through,” psychic medium Laura Lynn said. 

Laura triples as a psychic, medium, and tarot card reader. She is an ordained spiritual minister and a certified intuitive medium and healer with a bachelor’s degree in religious and metaphysical science. Taking her inherited abilities seriously, Laura uses them as a sort of tonic to a broken heart. 

“I got my degrees through The College of Inner Awareness, Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies. I’m not just some lady off the street who decided she wanted to be a psychic medium. I’ve trained, developed, and have been doing this for seven years professionally,” Laura said.

Metaphysics is a philosophy revolving faith, intuition, and existence. Each reader can use different spreads of their cards and personal prefered methods. Much is up for interpretation and depends on what feels right individually. No drawn card has a specific meaning, but instead represents a broad idea with multiple meanings. 

“I mix up and spread out my tarot cards. The cards are like little storytellers about your current situation and what’s happened in your past that can affect you today or your future,” Laura said. “There are different clairvoyants that each psychic may be more attuned with. For example, when I’m channeling, I can clearly see images of a client having someone come into their life, or a job change, like a movie playing in my mind. I will start coughing when channeling a smoker or become thirsty when it’s an alcoholic.”

Laura’s unique talent is a family trait passed down through generations. The first known psychic in her family was Millie Fayers. Fayers was one of the few children from her seven siblings to study metaphysics. From then on, the ability carried through generations. 

“My great aunt Millie Fayers was a well-known medium starting in the 1920s. She worked with a spirit photographer, Robert Chaney,” Laura said. “There is a famous picture of her with five spirits around her. They were sitting in a completely black room so that the photograph would only catch light. The picture was taken in the 1940s so it can be proven that it is not artificial. It is now on the cover of my cousin, Mary Linn’s book.” 

Laura keeps a strong relationship with those who have passed and does each of her practices knowing she has reinforcement. Being in touch with these spirits is what allows her to make connections in a safe and smart way. 

“When you train and develop as a medium, you have five people called your guides and teachers. Each has their own field whether it be medical stuff, daily things, education, protection, or happiness. I will say I have felt uncomfortable with certain souls I connect with but I have a great team on the other side,” Laura said.

Throughout the pandemic, Laura has been able to make her readings just as individualized. Although she generally feeds off in-person energy, a person’s aura can carry through in numerous ways. Both virtual and in-person readings require lots of energy for Laura. The necessary spacing out of appointments has left her with a four month waitlist. 

“I have done almost 600 phone readings since March. The aura that sits three feet off of a body is how you can read people in the physical [form], but it can also carry through your voice. Spirits show up no matter where I am so they provide me messages while the tarot cards give me direction along with my own intuition,” Laura said. 

Coming into a reading with a willing mindset and positive attitude is what will give you the best results. Skeptics can be more difficult for Laura to read, but it’s not impossible as long as there is respect on both ends. 

“When it comes to skeptics, to each their own. I try to respect every workforce, even if I don’t agree with it,” Laura said. “I think that all of us come to a point of awakening, whether it’s a loss of a loved one that opens us up or if we get very close to death. If you are really, really skeptical though, it would not be surprising if a psychic can’t read you.”

Laura emphasizes not to treat tarot and supernatural practices as games or entertainment; reaching out to spirits in this nature can invite negativity in. She encourages people to take up tarot but to follow the guidelines, have the right intentions, and educate yourself beforehand. 

“Every single person is psychic. A coin or feather in an unexpected place is no coincidence. You just have to trust your own intuition.””

— Laura Lynn

“Tarot is just like a Ouiji board. People use these things as entertainment or to goof around but there have been real instances where people get put into a trance. If you don’t work in a positive way, you’re risking opening yourself up to a realm where there are bad angels,” Laura said. “They are called imposter spirits that will trick you by pretending to be someone else. It is important to remind yourself that you are doing anything metaphysically at your own risk.”

Tarot card reading and other spiritual practices are not for everyone. Skeptic or not, Laura believes it is important to have an open mind and accept little signs from passed loved ones. She trusts that small signs and messages are truly gestures from those passed.

“Every single person is psychic. A coin or feather in an unexpected place is no coincidence. You just have to trust your own intuition,” Laura said.

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