ACADEMIC AIDES: Apps and Chrome Extensions to help keep students focused during online learning. (Olivia Shirk)
ACADEMIC AIDES: Apps and Chrome Extensions to help keep students focused during online learning.

Olivia Shirk

Making studying time easier: 6 apps to ensure academic success

October 12, 2020

With school being online, students have had to come up with creative ways to manage their school work. Luckily, we have technology on our side. It is easy to become distracted or overwhelmed with online school, but with endless Google Chrome Extensions, students can handle their work seamlessly. Thankfully, I created a list of helpful resources that students can download right on to their Chromebook for free!



Let’s be honest, it’s easy to get distracted when you have the entire internet at your fingertips. Forest is an extension that acts as a timer for when students finally decide to get some work done. When you first start, you ‘plant a seed’ and for thirty minutes while working, your plant grows. But every time you choose to browse the internet, your tree withers away. This extension is a great problem solver for those who are easily distracted (myself included). 



At this point, it is safe to say that most people have seen a few Grammarly ads, whether surfing the internet or on TV. But there is a good reason for the app’s popularity. Spelling, grammar, tone, and word choice are essential to all writing, and something that all students do. Grammarly can do so much more than Google’s simple spell-check. Spell-check does not even scratch the surface of what Grammarly can do, so this is a much-needed tool for all students. 



Annotating work is crucial for most classes, but it can be a challenge online. Kami is here to solve all of your text-marking problems. With over 11 million student and teacher users, Kami has made a world of difference to students all over. This app allows users to highlight in Google Docs and PDFs, add notes, split-screen, and more all with a few clicks. 


Split Tabs

Split Tabs sounds exactly like its name. The option to be able to split your screen makes students’ lives so much easier. Instead of jumping back and forth from tab to tab, Split Screen allows you to have multiple screens open at one time. Instead of getting lost on an article while writing notes on a separate document, splitting your screen solves the problem for you. 



Reading PDFs and articles on a laptop can be straining on your eyes, especially if the font is tiny. AlphaText can make the text of most websites larger to see, so now there is no need to strain your eyes when reading for school. By just enlarging the text size on your computer can help with headaches as well. 


Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is going to be essential for anyone who also gets distracted by the pop-up ads on websites or any other distractions on articles. With just a few clicks, Mercury Reader clears all of the unnecessary clutter from the websites and makes it so much easier to read. By just clearing away the unneeded advertisements and articles, getting your schoolwork done will be so much easier.

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