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  • November 12For the first time in school history Varsity girls volleyball gets second in state after facing Marist Highschool

  • November 5DGN varsity girl's volleyball team defeats Saint Charles East High School to advance into the Final Four

  • October 26Girl's varsity volleyball team defeats Maine South high school to win regional championship

Sarah Rogoz, Editor-In-Chief
Senior Sarah Rogoz is on her second year on staff, and first year as Editor-In-Chief. As a member of the Cheerleading team as well as the Track & Field team she is very active, yet still gets winded going up the stairs between classes. You may find her with a Peet's caramel macchiato in hand or using an alliteration as a headline, but you will never catch her forgetting to place a pica. You can contact her using her email at [email protected], follow her purely professional twitter @sarah_rogoz, or find her at the Cinemark at Seven Bridges where she spends every Tuesday night.

Sarah Rogoz, Editor-In-Chief

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