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  • November 12For the first time in school history Varsity girls volleyball gets second in state after facing Marist Highschool

  • November 5DGN varsity girl's volleyball team defeats Saint Charles East High School to advance into the Final Four

  • October 26Girl's varsity volleyball team defeats Maine South high school to win regional championship

Matt Troher, Editor-In-Chief
Senior Matt Troher is excited to take on his second year on the Omega staff, as well as his first year as Editor-in-Chief. Unsurprisingly, Matt likes to spend his time geeking out about Journalism and stressing out about picas. Reading, listening to music, and biking take up the majority of Matt’s rare free time. Very rarely does Matt leave North, being heavily involved with theater and choir in addition to the Omega. Easily excited by music, movies, and more, Matt is an Arts & Entertainment geek, and wrote for the A&E section last year. You can contact Matt on Twitter @trobo11 for bad jokes and music opinions, or find him a local Starbucks or Peets with a coffee in his hand pretending to study and/or listening to music.

Matt Troher, Editor-In-Chief

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