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  • November 1111/06/19 - Girls' Varsity Volleyball loses Sectional Final to Wheaton Warrenville South in 2 sets
  • November 1111/09/19 - Girls' Cross Country places 21st at IHSA State meet, junior Melissa Jachim 26th overall with school record time 17:18:92
  • November 1111/09/19 - Boys' Cross Country places 11th at IHSA State, junior Evan Cummins places 34th overall

Staff Editorial: Red Ribbon speaker wins over student body

October 23, 2019

Motivational speaker Eddie Slowikowski fired up the crowd last Wednesday. Slowikowski, an energetic individual, discussed pivotal moments in his life that shaped him into the man he is today, using his experience, knowledge, and ...

Do not brag about your lack of sleep

Hailey Grubich, Feature Editor

October 23, 2019

“Dude, you think you’re tired? I only got, like, one hour of sleep last night. I’m totally crushing it.” We all love to brag about how we aren’t getting any sleep. It could be because we have too much homework, too ...

Minorities deserve representation in media

Anika Canamedi, In-Depth Editor

October 23, 2019

Children look to connect with characters they see on TV or read in books on a personal level. They look for themselves in characters. When a child can’t see themselves, they can begin to feel like they will never be the her...

Head-To-Head: Teachers should never be armed

Libby Soelberg, Feature Editor

October 23, 2019

The classic high school experience has changed drastically from when our parents were children. Instead of just the stress of tests and homework, the modern-day debate of the second amendment demands that students live in constant ...

Head-To-Head: Allowing qualified teachers to carry firearms helps to protect students

Mary Petersen, In-Depth Editor

October 21, 2019

Amidst all the emotion surrounding the contentious issue of gun control and gun violence in schools, many argue that removing guns from schools, even in the hands of trained professionals, will somehow make school safer. Howe...

Impeachment: understand the proceeding

Amelia Carlson, News Editor

October 18, 2019

As you might’ve either read or heard, on Tuesday, Sept. 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would continue an impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump amid the Ukraine scandal and Wh...

Reflections on a trip to Costa Rica

Madeline Schallmoser, Sports Editor

September 24, 2019

The time: June 2019. The goal: experience nature, biodiversity, and culture. The place: Costa Rica. DGN’s biennial science department trip taught me lessons far beyond science.  Travel is worth it because of the anticipati...

DGN should teach more about Asian cultures

Hailey Grubich, Feature Editor

September 24, 2019

Asia makes up 59.76% of the entire world’s population according to population database World O Meters. It is made up of 48 countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia; several countries that are rare...

The lawless land of Lolla

Mia Salerno, Sports Editor

September 24, 2019

Ah, Lollapalooza, the infamous music festival in Chicago that attracts the masses from all of the United States. I have made it my mission to summarize the event as best as I can in order to help those who are debating attendin...

Review: Game of Thrones — Season Eight, Episode Six (“The Iron Throne”)

Sam Bull, Opinion Editor

May 29, 2019

Game of Thrones is officially over, and what a ride it’s been. Drama, action, romance, even a hint of comedy here and there. But this last episode just did not represent the last eight seasons, nor did it give us a particular...