DGN Omega

FROM UP ABOVE: future DGN principal Courtney DeMent peers down into the new commons area from a third floor window turing a tour of the campus.

Bull’s Board Corner: May 3

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
May 3, 2021
CONTACT TRACING: a slide from Dr. Theiles presentation, outlining the sharp increase in number of asymptomatic close contacts in the last two weeks.

Bull’s Board Corner: April 19

Sam Bull, Editor-In-Chief
April 20, 2021
WORKING ON PHASE C: images from DGNs new commons, including newly-installed glass ceilings.

Bull’s Board Corner: April 12

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
April 12, 2021
EARLY RELEASE SCHEDULE: the schedule that will be implemented starting April 6 after spring break.

Bull’s Board Corner: March 15

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
March 16, 2021
COMMONS PROGRESS: a slide of images from Superintendent Hank Thieles March 1 presentation showing the work done on the commons in recent weeks.

Bull’s Board Corner: March 1

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
March 1, 2021
Superintendent Hank Thiele presents an update about the 2020-21 school year. This was the first in-person Board meeting since Oct. 19

Bull’s Board Corner: February 22

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
February 23, 2021
ZOOM VIRTUAL MEETING: the Jan. 25 District 99 Board of Education meeting, which took place on Zoom due to restrictions on public gatherings.

Bull’s Board Corner: January 25

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
January 26, 2021
MAKING PROGRESS: a photo collage displaying the progress made on the commons and purple gym hallway at DGN.

Bull’s Board Corner: January 11

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
January 12, 2021
HYBRID MODEL: the hybrid schedule for next year, which will go into place if metrics and requirements are in the right spot by Jan. 5

Bull’s Board Corner: December 14

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
December 15, 2020
VIRTUAL MEETING: the Nov. 16 District Board of Education meeting, which took place on Zoom due to new restrictions on public gatherings.

Bull’s Board Corner: November 16

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
November 17, 2020
PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Dr. Hank Thiele (center left) goes through a presentation at the Board meeting Oct. 19 concerning the return to school.

Bull’s Board Corner: October 19

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
October 20, 2020
NEW ADDITIONS: the southeast corner of the building has been recently added to.

Bull’s Board Corner: October 5

Sam Bull, Editor-in-Chief
October 6, 2020
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