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  • December 5On Wednesday December 5, an anti-abortion protest was held before first period on the main street entrance sidewalk

  • December 3Boys Wrestling won against Proviso West 56-15

  • December 3Varsity Boys Basketball won home opener against Proviso West 85-54

Mirandola becomes student activities director

Sarah Baran, Social Media Editor

September 11, 2017

Filed under Features

The transition from CTE to Student Activities is something that Mark Mirandola has been looking at since he started as a teacher. Before applying to become the sole Director, Mirandola worked with Kelly Zuerner as the Assistant ...

Grant publishes illustrated biology workbook

Sidney Lee, Feature Editor

June 2, 2017

Filed under Features

Last spring, science teacher Jeff Grant was caught off guard with press and praise as he was honored with the Golden Apple Award, a special recognition given to outstanding teachers each year. Over a year later, he is currently o...

Bridging the gap between classes: Teachers push for consistency in classes

Jasmine Abdallah, In-Depth Editor

May 25, 2017

Filed under Features, In-Depth

As junior Chloe Mason walks into her AP Language class, she plops into her desk ready for class to begin. Just across the hall, junior Austin Moca mopes into the same curricular class, but his hands are sweating as he stresses...

Extracurriculars put pressure on students’ schedules

Sophia Di Iorio, In-Depth Editor

March 22, 2017

Filed under Features

With the multitude of activities that DGN offers, it is no surprise that students take advantage of the opportunities by being involved in many activities. Activities often take place well into the night, and students can struggle...

SPEAKING OUT: Omega staff members share personal stories on the recent ban affecting immigration and travel

Gayu Menon, News Editor

March 20, 2017

Filed under Columns, Editorials, Features

As the new president of the U.S. took office in early January, many foreigners became tense about the new rules that would be set in place. During election season, President Donald Trump made many remarks towards how he would...

Athletes balance to achieve academic sucess

Jack Barkei, Staff Writer

February 17, 2017

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Athletics and academics have been associated with each other ever since academic eligibility has been incorporated. As a result, several studies have been performed to investigate the relationship between academic performances i...

Need for answers spurs ADHD diagnosis

Marion Deal, Staff Writer

February 15, 2017

Filed under Features

Face it: high school is a tough place for kids. But when you layer in a behavioral disorder like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), things get a lot more difficult. Students...

Math resource utilizes new question asking system

Natalie White, Editor In Chief

January 31, 2017

Filed under Features

At the beginning of the year, students received information about new question asking policies in the math resource. While teachers and aides do not require students to use this policy, it is strongly suggested to help the student a...