DGN Omega

  • February 19Brad Rosen wrestled at 126lb, and finished top 8 at state wrestling meet, ending the 2018-2019 season
  • February 5Ingrid Carpen(12) advances to sectional bowling competition after scoring 1006 at final season meet
  • December 5On Wednesday December 5, an anti-abortion protest was held before first period on the main street entrance sidewalk

Featured Student: singer Patrick Ryan

Vanessa Kamman

May 16, 2019

Senior Patrick Ryan sets down his music sheet, mimicking the words of the song one last time. He pulls the microphone closer to him before singing his original song Love Me Alone. Ryan then uploads the song on Instagram, sharing it ...

Crosswalk Safety Becomes a Concern

Patrick Brooks and Matt Troher

May 9, 2019

Every morning, students cross Main Street as part of their routine to begin their day at DGN. The intersection of Main Street and Grant Street has been the site of numerous vehicular and pedestrian accidents. After the recen...

For Beth, #18

For Beth, #18

March 18, 2019

A day at the unfortunate Bears game

Sam Weinheimer, Feature Editor

February 4, 2019

Ahead of the much anticipated Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles game, top sports analysts foresaw the Bears taking complete advantage of the wild home fan base, and using it to their advantage to secure a divisional round ga...

FEATURED TEACHER: Spahr-Thomas reflects on path to teaching

Vanessa Kamman, Feature Editor

January 22, 2019

Karen Spahr-Thomas has taught at DGN for 18 years. She currently teaches Law in American Society and AP United States History, A native of Ohio, Spahr-Thomas triple majored in journalism, business, and history at Bowling Green S...