DGN Omega

  • August 3008/26/20 - Girls' Varsity Golf defeats Hinsdale South 184-220
  • August 3008/24/20 - Girls' Varsity Golf beats DGS 170-185
  • August 2508/25/20 - Boys' Varsity Golf defeats Hinsdale South in opening match

Artists of the month: Renee Boone and Travon Moore

Jill Anthony and Amelia Carlson

September 24, 2019

For Senior Travon Moore and Junior Renee Boone, theater plays a substantial role in their daily lives, their love for Fine Arts growing day by day. Both Boone and Moore are heavily involved in the Fine Arts industry; they b...

Unqualified Podcast: art for students, by students

Katherine Gross, News Editor

May 17, 2019

“Hi my name is Alex Teng and this is the Unqualified Podcast. I’m here with my co-host Connor. You can’t see him right now, but Connor is completely naked. He’s around 3 feet tall… well, let’s just cue the intro musi...

Featured Student: singer Patrick Ryan

Vanessa Kamman

May 16, 2019

Senior Patrick Ryan sets down his music sheet, mimicking the words of the song one last time. He pulls the microphone closer to him before singing his original song Love Me Alone. Ryan then uploads the song on Instagram, sharing it ...

Artist of the Month: Holloway Peters

Patrick Brooks, A&E Editor

December 12, 2018

  Senior Holloway Peters began doing art at the start of high school. Since then, he has gotten numerous pieces in the Mosaic art show, including 7 pieces just his year. Peters hopes he can become a freelance illustra...

Artist of the Month: Jo’s Corner

Matt Troher, A&E Editor

March 13, 2018

Spanning five years in age and three different schools, Jo’s Corner brings different people together to create one thing, music. Jo’s Corner consists of North students Sarah Durbin (Senior) on vocals and guitar, Delaney ...

Artist of the month: Ben Gartlen

Kyle Schirle, A&E Editor

February 22, 2018

The Scholastic art show is an annual competition in which talented students from around the area enter pieces that they spent a lot of time and effort working on. Many students come out of the award show very happy with just one h...

Artist of the month: Fluctuation

Kyle Schirle, A&E editor

December 13, 2017

The dictionary defines fluctuation as “shifting back and forth and changing” and changing and growing is exactly what this group of students has done. This DGN band consists of sophomores Billy Berberich (vocals), Miles Teague...